SILO Smart Safe

SILO is truly the first smart safe. We re-engineered and re-designed the safe for the first time in hundreds of years. Welcome to the future.

What are the features?

SILO connects with your home or office WiFi which allows it to communicate with your phone (SMS text messages) or smartphone (mobile app).

Our connected technology keeps you connected to your smart safe at all times, no matter how far away you are from your SILO.

By staying connected, you are able to track all activity on your smart safe through the SILO app.

The smart safe sends security and activity alerts via SMS text messages or push notifications on the mobile app.

SILO Smart Safe

SILO can be shared with up to three users.  All users will have a distinct ID to be able to track who opened the safe on the activity log.

With the logging feature on our mobile app, it identifies who opened the safe by their passcode.  This is a security feature that helps identify where the problem went wrong in the event of a theft. 

You can also send a secure one-time access code through the SILO app if someone needs to open your smart safe when you’re not around.  They will receive an SMS notification with an expiring code to enter.


The lockdown mode is a safety and security feature that disables the SILO touchscreen, making it inaccessible to open through the touchscreen keypad or fingerprint scanning.

Situations where your SILO enter lockdown mode are;

  1. Passcode entered incorrectly four times in a row
  2. Owner puts the safe in lockdown mode through the mobile app
  3. Hit hard (Dropped, hit with a hammer, etc.)

There are only two ways to open the smart safe at this point;

  1. Use the master key to open the smart safe.
  2. Disengaging lockdown mode on the mobile app and then entering your passcode on the touchscreen or using your fingerprint.

When lockdown mode is engaged, your SILO will display a message on its touchscreen that says you know what the potential intruder is up to.


SILO logs all activity through the mobile app to add security to the safe.  This feature helps track what transpired in the event of a theft. 

The owner(s) can track security alerts and user actions on the mobile app or on the touchscreen.


Designed with minimalism in mind.

SILO is contemporary and subtle for the modern apartment, smart home, or office.

SILO Smart Safe

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