With so much innovation happening every day, hour and minute it is nice to look back at what used to be. At SILO we protect your valuables with our smart safe and it’s innovative locking mechanism. So let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see the evolution of locks. (You might want to open up your high school social studies textbook)

Invention of the Lock

Thousands of years ago, locks were invented to keep people out. The rudimentary key and lock system dates back to 4000 B.C., when the area would have been the Mesopotamian kingdom of Assyria.

This was known as a wooden pin lock. At that time, the only way to prevent someone from entering was to have a guard stand in front of the door.

The wooden design is incredibly identical to the locks we use today. The principle that is.

Incoming… The Metal Key

There was little to no change to the wooden pin lock until the Middle Ages, where the first all-metal warded lock was invented.

If you have ever watches an ancient movie with royalty and castles, you have seen a warded lock. Warded locks remain in use today, more so for historic sites and people who love the ancient design look.

The skeleton key would not turn if it didn’t match the pattern of the lock.

However, this created a problem since these warded locks were susceptible to lock-picking. It was extremely easy to copy the pattern of the key and unlock any door.

This invention of the skeleton key created jobs. Locksmiths were being hired and lock-picking became a craft itself. This created an urgency to invent an unpickable lock.

The Birth of Modern Locksmiths

Now with lock-pickers starting to become a big problem; locksmiths had to try to come up with a high security lock with the intention to create an unpickable lock.

The Industrial Age marked a new era of complex locks.

The English established themselves as security savants. Locksmiths kept innovating.

In 1784, Bramah’s Lock was invented.

In 1817, Chubb’s Lock was inventer.

At the Great Exhibition of 1851; Alfred C. Hobbs, an American locksmith, cracked into both of these locks.

The Invention of the Yale Lock

The pin and tumbler lock that you probably use every day was invented in 1861.

Have you ever wondered why all your keys fit into the key hole, but only one of them can turn and open the door?

Let us show you how it works.

Each pin is split into two. The notches in the key push the pins up to a specific point. If it’s correct, the pins fall into the notches and the key is able to turn.

If it’s not the right key, then metal pins won’t line up preventing you to turn the key.

Now when you go home and try to open your door, you’ll understand why only one of your five keys works.

Locks from the Future?

Thousands of years ago locks were invented and the lock we use today, the Yale lock, was invented 150 years ago.

We are starting to see home and work security become more high tech with emerging companies like Latch. We are able to check-in on our pets from work from smartphone. Yet, when it comes to locking up our valuables, we are completely vulnerable.

Smart Home and Smart Safe

The future of locks include Bluetooth, near-field communications, etc. which gives you more control and more capabilities than your traditional key and lock.

At SILO, we understand the importance of security when it comes to your belongings. That is why we invented the first smart safe.

Truly The First Smart Safe

In the mobile era, keeping users in the know is often means of empowerment.

Today our lives are busier and faster. We use friendly reminders to alert us of upcoming meetings, doctors appointments and dinner reservations that we may have completely forgot about.

Why is it that when we are traveling, at work, out to dinner or at a hotel with a staff we can’t vouch for; we aren’t notified if someone tries to enter my safe that is containing my valuables.

That bothers us. It makes us feel angry and ignored. So here at SILO, we decided to create a smart safe that would hold its own in our absence.

Meet SILO, the first connected smart safe that notifies users when it senses tampering.

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