Anti Theft Smart Safe

Beginning to learn football schemes or how a smart safe works is confusing.

It’s not easy protecting your valuables. It’s even harder trying to understand the safe industry. Why? Let me explain

“You have to protect your valuables or else they become useless”

Imagine a football game where the defense knows all of the plays and how to get by the offensive line every single play, yet the coach can’t make any in-game adjustments.

Once you lose the game; the coach(es), the offensive line and the playmakers on offense realize what happened, but it’s too late.

Safes and offensive lines are the last line of defense

Seems unfair, right?

Well, this is how the safe industry currently works. 

  • The coach is the owner
  • The o-line is your safe
  • The play-makers are your valuables

When you put your valuables in your safe, there is currently nothing you can do to ensure security or a way to check on the status of your valuables. Safes have not been re-engineered in a very long time, making your valuables susceptible to thieves since they are used to the lock mechanisms and understand how feeble they are.

When you leave your apartment, house, dorm room, hotel, etc. a thief has an extended period of time to crack into your safe before you even realize!

Your safe is your offensive line. The valuables you keep inside the safe are your play makers. The coach is you, the owner. If your offensive line can’t stop a ‘nose bleed’ then it doesn’t matter how good your play makers are or how good of a coach you have. The same goes for your safe. If your safe is easy to break into, then it doesn’t matter how valuable your Rolex watch is, the amount of cash you have inside of the safe, or how diligent you are checking your safe.

How to stop the thief with the SILO smart safe?

In Football;

  • Blitzes are picked up, Audibles are made, Signals are sent, and Game-plans are adjusted

For a safe, who is sending an alert to the owner if your safe is being tampered with?

Your SILO smart safe is. 

SILO is a smart safe that sends real-time notifications to you whenever your smart safe is opened, closed, or passcode is guessed incorrectly.

You can add up to multiple users to the safe if you share it with family members and roommates.

SILO uses connected technology that enables our logging feature which shows who opened the safe and when they opened the safe to allow tracking what happened easier.

In Football, coaches can call timeouts if they catch something the Offensive Line or Quarterback doesn’t. With SILO we allow you to be the coach and be in control of your valuables at all times. Introducing SILO’s lockdown feature.

SILO allows owners to manually lockdown their smart safe via mobile app. This means that the only way to open your smart safe is by the master key, or by turning your smart safe off lockdown mode via mobile app and entering your passcode as you normally would.

Here are circumstances where SILO smart safe enters lockdown mode automatically;

  • A password is entered incorrectly four times in a row.
  • A hard impact to your safe; Hit with a hammer, dropped, etc.

So next time you ask; ‘What’s the best way to protect my valuables?’ remember SILO’s smart safe.

At SILO we consider ourselves your blindside because we have you protected when you don’t see it coming.

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