SILO Smart Safe (Hotel)

It’s the last day of your vacation and time to say goodbye to paradise. You head down to the front desk and get a late checkout; and then go to the pool or beach to enjoy your final hours.  After losing track of time, you realize it’s time to leave. You run up to the room to grab your suitcase and the thrill of buying new stuff and the idea of cramming in that extra pair of clothes is coming back to haunt you. Before heading off to the airport, you do a final sweep of the room and pat your pants to make sure you didn’t forget your phone or wallet.

Sounds familiar right?

Here at SILO, learning about the darker moments of whimsical vacations is our business.  Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of painful stories about travel-gone-wrong by victims of theft.

Vacation to Miami

Recently were talking to someone about SILO and he had a travel-gone-wrong story to share with us about his vacation to Miami, FL.

“My friends and I were packing up to head back to New York. We had a lot of stuff so we made sure we did multiple sweeps of the room before leaving. When we were checking our bags at the airport, I realized I didn’t have my [very expensive] watch. I rifled through my backpack — couldn’t find it. That’s when I realized I might’ve left it in the room so I called the hotel and asked if they could check if my watch was in the room. 

When they told me it was there, I hailed a cab to go back to the hotel.  The front desk gave me my watch back and told me to be more careful as I left it in the safe.”

The SILO smart safe could’ve prevented this

Come to us with your problems and we will provide you with solutions.

SILO Smart Safe in a Hotel Room

While staying at hotels, we can’t speak for every hotel employee that walks in and out of the room. There is also no way to recoup your losses if they stolen.

When you check into a hotel, you sign a form that has a disclaimer that reads;

[Hotel] will provide individual in-room safes and safety deposit boxes, where money, jewels and other valuables may be deposited for safe keeping, and unless such articles are deposited in it, the Hotel will not be responsible or liable for any loss on injury to such articles for any or all such property of any individual guest

You are out of luck if your valuables get stolen or go missing. We realized this problem, so we decided to re-engineer the safe and create truly the first smart safe, SILO.

SILO is a smart safe that uses connected technology to keep you connected to your valuables at all times. No matter how far away you are, you will remain connected.

SILO’s inventory sensor detects when an item is in the safe after they check out. SILO will send a text message to the guest in real-time when this happens, so they can act now.

No more stressing about missing flights or leaving valuables in hotel rooms when you have a SILO smart safe.

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