Ever wonder what a smart safe might look like?

December is right around the corner meaning it’s time to start getting festive and celebrate holidays like Christmas, Hannukah and New Years.

This is the time of year that you have been saving up all of your PTOs (paid time off) for.

So naturally, you and your family get together and decide whether to go skiing or go to a more tropical place. Let’s assume you live up north and you miss the beach so you choose the latter.

You just got to your vacation destination; It’s sunny and 75 with 3 or 4 clouds in the sky. Your hotel has a pool and is a 2 minute walk from the beach. 

You can’t wait to get outside and after waiting patiently to check in; you run upstairs, claim your bed, quickly change into your bathing suit, put your cash and passport in the hotel safe and run down to pool or beach. 

Sounds like your typical and ideal vacation right?

The World’s Most Famous Hacker; Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is one of the world’s most famous hackers. Formerly one of the FBI’s Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge. Kevin is now a trusted security consultant to Fortune 500s and governments worldwide.

Here is a video of Kevin testing the security of the hotel safe at a 5-star hotel. Watch him break down why we need to change our current habits if we haven’t already until the hotels change their safes.

Kevin isn’t the only one who has been testing the security of hotel safes.

How can we fix this problem?

Woah! Why is that easy to break into a hotel safe?

Do I need to carry my valuables everywhere I go because I can’t trust the safes in hotels?

The hotel in the video is a 5-star hotel. You are paying a premium to get comfy beds, great amenities, great location, etc.

If you don’t like your bed or view, the hotel will accommodate you and get you a different room.

If you are disappointed with the amenities, the hotel will offer you a comped breakfast or something else.

What happens when money is all of sudden missing from your safe or if your family jewelry vanishes? Do they reimburse you? The answer is no.

It is time to address this problem that has been going on for decades. A bad view can be fixed, a bad experience can be resolved, a theft with little to no evidence lasts forever. And it’s not hard to break into these safes. Why are we complacent with these same safes? It’s time for a change, it’s time to re-engineer the safe. It’s time for the long overdue introduction to SILO; the first truly smart safe.

The Solution: SILO

How could SILO have prevented Kevin from breaking into that safe?

To setup the smart safe; the guest enters a 4-digit code, confirms the passcode and enters his/her phone number.

By entering in their phone number, the guest receives SMS alerts if and when the safe is opened, closed, or the passcode is entered incorrectly to ensure security measures.

The first time Kevin enters in a passcode incorrectly, the guest would’ve received an SMS alert that says;

“An incorrect passcode has just been entered into your SILO! Please call hotel security at (666) 777–1234 if this was not you.”

If multiple passcodes are entered incorrectly, the smart safe is disconnected from WiFi or the smart safes sensors detect drilling, etc. then the SILO system will notify the hotel security staff and they can engage lockdown mode while they head over to investigate.

SILO: Anti Theft Hotel Smart Safe

With SILO, Kevin doesn’t have to keep his cash in your pocket where ever he goes. He can go grab a drink by the pool with a Peace of Mind knowing SILO’s security is his final line of defense!

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