SILO Smart Safe

At SILO, we have re-engineered and re-designed truly the first smart safe. We will explain how and why.

What’s your daily routine?

Think about your daily routine. For the majority of people we talked to, it goes something like this;

  • Wake Up
  • Get Ready
  • Eat
  • Commute
  • Work
  • Eat
  • Work
  • Commute
  • Exercise
  • Eat
  • Check in on Family and Friends
  • Sleep

It is tough to stay on top of EVERYTHING. That is why it’s so frustrating when you feel helpless at times.

We use so many things to help us with our everyday life;

  • Calendar

To make sure we are staying up to date on appointments, meetings, and tasks.

  • Mobile Apps

Apps such as Instagram, sends us notifications when someone likes one of our posts.

  • Security Cameras

If you have a pet and you are constantly working, you can check to see how they are doing remotely from your phone.

  • Reminders

You get daily reminders of your

If you have a reservation at a restaurant or a doctors appointment, you get sent daily reminders.

You have control of all of this stuff just by turning on notifications on your phone.

What is protecting this?

Smartphones have;

  • 4-6 digit passcodes
  • Biometrics (Fingerprint scanning)
  • Face ID

We trust and use this technology everyday, so why is it that we still use keypads and dials to protect our most expensive and valuable belongings? These options are susceptible to break ins and give the owner no control over their belongings when they are away.

That is why we created truly the first smart safe.

Introducing SILO

Technology is driving this monumental innovation that is redefining all the products in our lives. It’s really a revolution. And just as the world is changing around us and being redesigned, certain things are being neglected. Some things have been taken granted our entire lives and that’s why we created SILO.

Everyone has something that want to hold onto forever. SILO is the first safe developed with connected technology and intelligent design.

You can connect to your SILO either via mobile app or through SMS text messages.

SILO’s alert sensor sends you a notification when your smart safe is being tampered with.

SILO Smart Safe

The purpose of this technology is to give you [users] the peace of mind that your valuables are secure when you aren’t there.

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